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Gossip & Candid Policy

Though it may be a fair argument to say that those who choose the limelight of celebrity also choose to have their lives scrutinized in the media, we here at Mariska Hargitay Daily beg to differ. We believe that being a public figure should not have to also include a surrender of your privacy to the tabloid industry, and want to exemplify this with our Gossip & Candid Policy.

To respect Mariska’s privacy we at Mariska Hargitay Daily have decided never to post any unauthorized private life candids of Mariska or her family anywhere on the site. This includes photos of Mariska e.g. walking around in the city, shopping, dining, driving, at an airport and leaving her home. The way these photos are obtained by photographers is often nothing short of aggressive, intrusive and offensive, this is something we, as fans of Mariska’s person as much as her professional & charity work, do not wish to encourage.

We do post what we call “on set footage” — even when by the paparazzi — from the sets of photoshoots, movies and TV shows, but only provided a) it is newsworthy footage relevant to the progress of the project/production, b) Mariska does not appear uncomfortable being photographed and c) her kids are not in the photos.

At the same time, we also consciously stay away from any and all gossip regarding Mariska Hargitay and/or her family. We’re not interested in furthering either unfounded speculations or nasty rumors about Mariska’s private life, which is why we do not report on any personal or private developments until they are either officially confirmed, via e.g. Mariska’s representatives or her own social media accounts, or otherwise well-documented. This also reduces misinformation both on the site itself and on the web more generally.

Mariska Hargitay Daily is aimed at like-minded fans of Mariska and her work, who are interested in her career and in supporting her. That support, we believe, includes not stalking her every move. We take pride in being stalkerazzi-free, and encourage all fans of Mariska to leave her private life to those who belong to it.