Television Productions
1992 Tequila and Bonetti Officer Angela Garcia
1992 Grapevine Katie
1992 FBI: The Untold Stories Agent Michele Evans
1991 The New Adam-12 Michelle Brown
1991 Gabriel’s Fire Carmen
1990 Booker Michelle Larkin
1990 Thirtysomething Courtney Dunn
1990 Wiseguy Debbie Vitale
1989 Baywatch Lisa Peters
1988 Falcon Crest Carly Fixx
1988 In the Heat of the Night Audine Higgs
1986 - 1987 Downtown Jessie Smith
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Law & Order: SVU
24.09 And A Trauma In A Pear Tree
Carisi and Rollins work together on an important arraignment. Benson tries to make Noah’s Christmas wish come true when a case falls in her lap.
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Though it may be a fair argument to say that those who choose the limelight of celebrity also choose to have their lives scrutinized in the media, we here at Mariska Hargitay Daily beg to differ. We believe that being a public figure should not have to also include a surrender of your privacy to the tabloid industry, and want to exemplify this with our Gossip & Candid Policy which you can read HERE.

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