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Women of the Year
The Making of Mariska
The star of television’s longest-running drama on her real-world purpose

Mariska Hargitay is good in a crisis. The star of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is sitting in her Upper West Side apartment in New York, exuding the kind of competence and emotional fortitude that tens of millions of people expect from her alter ego. She’s recounting the details of an exhausting summer: health problems (minor), professional accomplishments, friend stuff—all against the backdrop of a global health crisis.

“I felt like an octopus being pulled apart in so many directions,” she says. “Sometimes when you’re in those moments, it’s a lot. And you’re like, ‘How am I going to climb the mountain?’ But here I am today going, ‘It was a kick-ass week.’”

As if on cue, her husband, Peter Hermann, whom she met on the show and married in 2004 and with whom she has three children—August, Amaya, Andrew—comes into the room to see if she’s okay. He apologizes for interrupting, and she explains. “My very, very best friend, soul sister—her father just died last night,” says Hargitay. Her voice starts to crack and tears well up for the first, but not last, time during our conversation. “My first thought was, How fast can I get to JFK? Because she’s just a pure heart.”

That’s who Mariska Hargitay is—a fighter, a protector, a mom, a wife, a star. She’s a 57-year-old multiple Emmy and Golden Globe winner and nominee who is on TV’s longest-running drama. She’s a self-described late bloomer who planned her honeymoon with Hermann in Hawaii so she could attend her Joyful Heart Foundation’s first retreat for survivors of sexual trauma. She is the producer of I Am Evidence, a documentary about the crisis of untested rape kits, and is also the namesake—via Olivia Benson—of Taylor Swift’s beloved cat. And her work—not just her record—makes her as relevant now as she was when she first landed onscreen. When Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, noted progressive and member of the #TheSquad, was asked about her favorite show, she named SVU and identified herself as a “superfan.” In a tweet-thread endorsement of Massachusetts Suffolk County district attorney Rachael Rollins in March 2021, Pressley identified the candidate as “#OliviaBensonGoals.” Continue reading  »

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